Services Under The Umbrella Of Kone Cranes

Kone cranes has been offering the services of cranes for a long period of time. We have been into this since long time so we know all the ins and outs of this business. No industry can work if they don’t have access to the cranes. They can’t survive in the market. Their major work will get stuck in between as no human labour is ever allowed neither they are ready to carry the weight of the machines and vehicle. It is out of their capacity. So, we industries needed cranes for carrying out the process of production and other things.

Be it an automobile industry, aviation industry, storage house or metal industry, everyone needs them. There are multiple kinds of cranes available in the market and they all serve independent services. Everyone has to choose according to their needs and requirements.

People like to choose our services for many reasons as we are reliable and affordable. Moreover, we provide the quality services. We have a pool of services available so customers find it easy as they get many services under one roof.

The Services

Let’s have a look at the various services that we have been offering under the banner of Kone Cranes.

  • Inspection:

We are offering the services of inspection. So, if you have bought any vehicle or industrial crane in australia and you have doubts about their performance then you can call us. Our trained team will come and inspect the object. Customers trust our inspections and opinions.

  • Maintenance:

We provide the maintenance services as well. So, if you already have a crane in a working condition and its chain or engine has been causing issue then you don’t have to worry about anything. You can call us anytime and our team will reach to the required destination. We will examine your crane and do the maintenance. Also, we offer routine maintenance services.

  • Consultation:

Sometimes, the owners of the companies are kind of stuck in making the decision of getting and buying the cranes. They have doubts that whether they should go with the buying or not. Also, they don’t have the idea about the model, engine and other things to see while buying the cranes. They seek help for the consultation from us.

  • Truconnect Remote Services:

We remotely monitor the performance of the cranes. If they are causing any issues, we shall come to fix the issues. Also, we support the production work remotely.

So, if you are looking for the cranes of gantry crane for sale, then call us. We are here to serve you with the best of our services. You never regret choosing our services ever. We offer services in New Zeeland and Australia.

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